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Vendor Infomercial Details

Vendor Demos and Commercials will air late at night between July 13 and July 14 (between 2:00am-6:00am)

We want YOU to record a commercial or demo for your product or service.  

It can be as short as 30 seconds, or as long as 5 minutes.

Think late night infomercials!  Get creative!

Your "commercial" will be strung together, back to back with other "commercials" submitted, and played on a loop between 2:00am-6:00am on YouTube, streaming to the COE Discord and for all to enjoy. 

Attendees can curl up with some popcorn, turn off late night re-runs of Full House, and watch all the GOOD STUFF the COE Discord "Public Access Television" has to offer.

We will have audience judging for the BEST, most CREATIVE vendor infomercial to encourage people to tune in and check it out.

Only three rules -

* Commercial must not spread misinformation

There are enough garbage companies out there misleading the Defense Industry Base.  Don't do that.  

* Keep within 30 seconds - 5 minutes -ish.

Your call!

* Must submit video file BEFORE July 4.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

Submit videos via MP4, AVI, or MOV extensions.  Message marieramsay on Discord to get the link/location for the upload.  


Videos will be strung together in a single file and uploaded to the COE YouTube Channel (which goes live July 13).  There will be no real rhyme or reason on the order that videos get spliced together.  

Remember - we're having fun with this!  Consider this free advertising, and a way to keep your name in front of the ecosystem!

Vendor Infomercial Details: Text
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